USS United States–A Ship NOT Abandoned

May 21, 2013 in General, Photograph, Social by William


I had the privilege of being able to shoot on the USS United States, a cruise ship docked in Philadelphia, that has been out of commission for many years.  The majesty of the ship is clear as soon as you arrive.  The size of the ship as you approach it evokes the same sublime feelings one gets on top of a mountain range.

Inside the ship, even though it’s been empty for many years, still has a feeling of warmth and comfort.  Perhaps it’s my strange sense of comfort, combined with the sun shining through windows and being able to find different life on the ship.

The ship, built for speed, holds the current world record for a transatlantic crossing, so I tried a technique of zooming your lens as taking a long exposure to give a sense of motion to the static picture.  What do you thing?  Does it show motion?