Studio Open (Almost)

November 1, 2011 in General, Social, Studio by William

I finally broke down and rented a large enough (3000 sq ft) studio to do some serious photography.  While most of the entries here will be related to projects or shoots, I on occasion find bits of wisdom that others have recorded that I think should be shared.   The studio is functional but still needs a lot of work cleaning, painting, electrical, and general setup work.  I’m not letting that get in the way of shooting as you will see.  You can see more information about the studio on our Facebook page:

The studio is part of a larger building, Mill Artist Galleries, that houses close to sixty artists. The address is 123 Leverington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19127.

Mill Artists' Studios

The Building has a Leverington Street Address and Parking Lot

I’ve taken the main studio which is the middle of the building and one of the largest studios they have. There is free parking in a lot in front of the build. The entrance to the main studio is through the Baker Street entrance.

Baker Street Entrance ot the Main Studio of Mill Artists' Studios

The Baker Street Entrance