Starting with My Raw Self Portrait

October 20, 2011 in Photograph, Shoot by William

The purpose of this series is capturing inner-beauty, emotion, authenticity over glamour.  Little to no makeup, a natural hair style, no elaborate clothes, no make-believe backdrop or situation, just a person and an intense raw emotion provoked through a free non-judgmental dialog.

The lighting is minimal with a black background to not distract from the subject and what emotion is being displayed, capturing what we see as character that is internal to a person, documenting those imperfections with extreme clarity to transcend over superficial touchup beauty, pulling out personal charisma instead of blending one into mediocrity. The photos are intended to be beautiful, imperfect, and yet enduring by representing the authenticity of the subject without having to cover them up and hide what is truly beautiful.

In this photo, I took several photos at different exposures and merged them into an HDR picture.  The result shocked me.