Jill Greenberg’s Portraits

October 22, 2011 in Photographer, Social by William

Every once in a while I see a style of photograph that I “get”. I “see” what the photographer was expressing and I am in awe of the results. When reading about portraits I stumbled across Jill’s work to my delight. Much of her work is beautiful, but more importantly, her work makes me think. From human animal portraits to the series “End Times”, her work engages and stimulates.

She takes photographs in a very particular style, lighting and subject, and artistically alters them to create her work. The result has created some controversy and polarization when interpreting the images, but I am confused why someone would say they are for or against what she is doing. Her work is exposing a debate present in culture and you are invited to add your thoughts. Hard to argue against in these times when we need more discussion and diversity of thought to advance humanity instead of the political vilification so often rewarded for ignoring real discussion.

Check out Glass Ceiling or End Times to see. What do you think?

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