Intimate Portraits

December 15, 2012 in Photograph, Photographer, Shoot, Social, Studio by William

I took a class with a famous photographer on intimate portraits.  It’s an interesting concept, one where you work to figure out a blend of what you want out of a photograph and what the subject wants.   It’s a mix of acting and reality to create something neither photographer or model initially had in mind.  It’s harder than I originally thought.  Even with models I’ve shot a lot, and am very comfortable with, it’s often hard to break the traditional photographer/model roles.  They want to do a good job so they listen and attempt to do what you want, while you are asking personal questions attempting to learn more about them to draw out ideas.   If you’re socially awkward like me, it’s often difficult to have those real conversations, ensuring you don’t cross any inappropriate lines, but explore a new concept that is a collaboration.    Not concepts that typically get put into the mix, such as getting a model to pose for nudes or other shots that by their nature or content would be considered intimate, but intimate as in a personal collaboration, such as shooting with the model’s family or in their home or work or (and this openness can be scary for models) in their normal street clothes without any makeup or not posing for a picture, but posing for a concept, etc.

I have a new long-term project to shoot with someone who is going through a life-changing event and transformation.  My hopes are this will help drive a collaboration in dimensions I haven’t yet.