Id and Ego

July 10, 2011 in Photograph, Shoot by William

Everyone has an id and ego. This is Sierra’s. This series sets out to take pictures of a submissive id  changing over time to a confident ego receiving support. However, as we progressed through the shoot it was clear to me that both the id and ego were there in every picture…even in submissive poses and gestures Sierra’s confident ego would shine through. How lucky to have both!  She’s now off to get her PhD (a smart Id and Ego is her’s).  Here are a few of the pictures Sierra and I created.  Can you see the dominate side when posing submissively?

Sierra Id-Ego 3 by .

Sierra's Id Hiding

215809_143165255753475_100001800037093_250563_1379068_n by .

Sierra's Id Merging with Ego

Sierra's Edo