Gothic Lolita Wigs

October 17, 2012 in Photograph, Photographer, Shoot, Studio by William

As a result of some pictures from AWA, I had the pleasure of being asked to do a product shoot with the internationally famous Gracie Valentine and Jazzmin Jolly for Gothic Lolita Wigs (  Having not done any product shoots for wigs, I quickly scoured the web for what I thought were great pictures of wigs.  Based on the quick research a shot that was a mix of an action and the wig was best.  Here’s some examples of the first shoot (and yes I did shoot this twice).

Everyone was happy with the pictures.  Expect Facebook users.  They did not “like” these as much as other pictures used on their site.  I did notice after comparing some pictures there was a slight green tint to my photos that I did not see originally.  I traced the green back to an accidental switch in the colorspace to PhotoPro instead of sRGB.  It’s important to remember that the PhotoPro colorspace represents many more colors than sRGB.  Many of those colors have a greenish hue, causing a green tint to the pictures.  Switching the colorspace on the export to sRGB, which I find best for monitors (i.e., computers browsing websites) fixed the color. It’s a simple option, one of many on Lightroom’s export, and I just missed it.  Just look at what a difference selecting the right colorspace makes:


In addition, there was also enough focus on the wigs themselves, and, nit picking myself, the lighting was not uniform on the background, so there was a color shifts as the light fell off.  I was the only one who noticed most of these, but I do think it contributed to the non-stellar number of likes.  I wanted to get greater than 300 likes on each photo as they published them.

So I asked to shoot it again.  Gladly Grace and Jazzmin agreed!  They are both extremely nice people, fun to shoot, and  hard-working (a rare combination).  Suggested by the owner, we shot the wigs with glamor lighting (specifically clam glamor lighting).  We decided to remove any background focus by using grey seamless paper, and to not do 3/4 or full body shots, but just head shots with bare shoulders so there was nothing but wig and model.  Kate came along with Grace and helped with the makeup.  Here’s a few of the results:


The pictures got more than 300 likes…and close to 700 for the stunning red hair on Grace.  The makeup, neutral background, glamor lighting, and Grace’s wings are a winning combination.

Screenshot 12:17:12 1:15 PM

However, there was one picture I found on the site that breaks the above motif. The photo is by and of photographer model Alexa Poletti and is definitely worth mentioning.  Alexa integrated colors and pose into a great shot of form and contrast using her tattoo pulling out the reds and yellows matching both her skirt and top, contrasting the wig with a deep purple background, showcasing the wig itself a bright blend of colors draped down her body juxtaposed to her tattoos, matching her skirt and lips a bright red, blending it all into a great picture that has close to 1400 likes.

Screenshot 12:17:12 1:15 PM-ap