Colossalcon a Colossal Con!

June 10, 2013 in Photograph, Shoot, Social by William

Colossalcon was held just a sort ride from Cleveland at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky. The location is beautiful. There is an indoor water park, an outdoor water park, and a safari with real animals, not to mention zip lines that go around the parks. My room even had a hottub!

On a bright sunny day I started to shoot Jazzmin’s Latex Starfire outfit by Vengeance Designs. I hate noon sun, after a few lame tries on my part, I asked Jazzmin to climb into the landscaping at the Kalahari and we found a small pocket where I could put up lights and shoot…look at the colors!

Of course at such a conference you can just sit around and find some interesting pictures.

A Ball with Two Belles:


A Ball with Two Belles


Behind the scenes of another shoot that was in range of my 200mm lens 🙂


Behind the shooters


Several more Grace and Kate, and a wandering Lolita: