Anime Weekend Atlanta a Model for Society?

September 30, 2012 in Photograph, Photographer, Shoot, Social by William

Perhaps Anime and Cons are the model for a future society. Considering themselves nerds, quite proudly, but having been a life long nerd I knew something was different.  It was a spectacular display of tolerance, acceptance, and celebration of difference. I’ve written before about how recombining ideas can lead to new thoughts that never existed previously–but I did not expect to see such a practical example at a Con.

Gaggle of Lolita's on Deck

Gaggle of Lolita’s on Deck

First the attendees–every race, creed, sex, size, shape, and sexual orientation was there (I think–I didn’t actually ask anyone). Second, the social skills there ranged from none to significant. The conference ran almost 72 hours straight (I didn’t make it past 11:00pm). Everyone was happy, excited, engaged. Most importantly, everyone accepts everyone else, and the diversity in so many dimensions is what created an atmosphere unprecedented in my experience. The only issue I saw was a security guard shutting down some folks chanting “Yes” over and over. I had to laugh at that being what security had to focus on with thousands of people dressed in every kind of costume you can imagine. I wore an old-white-guy-with-a-camera cosplay, but I fit in. People were happy just to see and interact with other people. Lot’s of random conversations, full of excitement sharing random information. Friends seeing each other after long separations, and people making new friends. All easily discernible just by watching.

I had the pleasure of a media pass for the 2012 Anime Weekend Atlanta, and this was the first conference like this that I’ve attended, and I have to say it exceed all my expectations. Thanks to Jazzmin for showing me the ropes and putting up with my questions and presence.